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Hey CT Sports Stargazers! I'm veteran sports correspondent Rick Menning and I'm no stranger to the amazing world of journalism! I have covered everything imaginable over my career from Stanley Cup playoffs, to Super Bowls, to the Little League World Series.


I wanted to create a website where athletes and teams in all sports at all levels can receive the extensive coverage they may not receive elsewhere.


Born and raised in Connecticut and a graduate of Notre Dame High School in West Haven, I went on to major in journalism at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and worked full-time as a reporter/editor at the Sun Sentinel Newspaper for nearly three decades.

Now, as a substitute teacher and after-school supervisor at a private school in Connecticut, I want to add to my overall sports coverage and include children into my platform to acknowledge their efforts on the fields and rinks.


I hope you enjoy the articles, and feel free to reach out with your thoughts, suggestions and story ideas. My contact info is listed on the lower left of my home page.

Little League

Executive Editor


This website is dedicated to my mom whose countless hours helping me as a young cub reporter with all my grammatical and spelling errors made me the journalist I am today. 

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